Notice to visitors of the Healthy Living & Allergy Free Show

All visitors to the Healthy Living & Allergy Free Show are required to take care throughout their attendance and to place their health, and the health of anyone they are attending with, first at all times.

By attending the event, all show visitors understand and accept the following:

Potential allergen or intolerance triggers
All visitors should be aware that the show is not 100% free from any potential allergen or intolerance trigger; and should take the appropriate measures in line with their personal circumstances, including carrying any appropriate medication.

a) The show venue is a multi-purpose public venue, which hosts a variety of events every week of every year. Therefore, the venue is as susceptible to any allergen as any other public place and should be treated with the same degree of caution.

b) The Healthy Living & Allergy Free Show has been designed to be relevant and accessible to people with a wide variety of allergies, intolerances and related conditions. The exhibitors at the show will reflect the diversity of the visitors. Therefore, there is a possibility that there will be products on the show floor that contain the allergen or intolerance trigger that is potentially harmful to some visitors. For example, a product like almond milk may be a suitable alternative for visitors with a dairy allergy or intolerance but may be potentially harmful for visitor’s with a nut allergy or intolerance.

Products, treatments and advisory sources
As organiser of the Healthy Living & Allergy Free Show, our role is to present visitors with a diverse range of products, treatments and advisory sources (represented in the form of exhibitors, speakers and partners). All visitors recognise that it is their responsibility to liaise with these products, treatments and advisory sources in a way that is entirely appropriate to their specific health conditions, or the specific health conditions of anyone they are attending with. Visitors should comprehensively discuss their personal circumstances with a member of any exhibiting team before trying any product or treatment onsite or post show. As organiser, we take no responsibility for interactions between exhibitors and visitors, nor for any situation that may occur as a result of this contact.

Medical advice
All visitors should seek medical advice from their Doctor or medical specialist before making a change to their lifestyle or altering treatment of any health-related condition, following any interaction with any product, treatment or advisory source at the show.

Any information, statement and/or advice offered by any exhibitor, sponsor or speaker at the show is not endorsed by the show organiser, nor the event’s partnering organisations. The views, opinions and statements made at the show are solely those of the speakers and exhibitors. Any such information, statement and/or advice is not intended to replace personal advice given by a visitor’s Doctor or medical professional.

Visitors to the Healthy Living & Allergy Free Show are solely responsible for determining the validity, adequacy and fitness of any information, materials or products or anything else presented at this show. All visitors understand that no one is more acutely aware of their personal conditions than themselves. By attending the event, all show visitors understand and accept this fact (and all the above points) and will take responsibility for their actions and interactions at this event.